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Alberta Photographer
Crystal Puim
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1N5
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    What is like?

    When you hire on for your wedding or special event you get a dedicated, fun and relaxed couple of photographers who love what they do. Crystal believes in low stress and high efficiency.In other words, we like you to enjoy and be present for what is happening around you. With so much planninggoing on for your wedding day or special event we want you to feel that your memories are being captured without you having to worry. This does not mean we don’t welcome and encourage feedback or collaborations (if there are any special shots you would like us to take throughout the day please feel free to approach us whenever you like! The best pictures are the ones that describe who you are. Have a good idea? Please do share!).

    We just want you to enjoy yourself.

    That said, we are a freelance photography company that specializes in many forms of photography.We currently do not have a professional studio for weddings or anything of that magnitude nor do we think we will ever aspire to offer one. We believe that on-location images are more real, more alive, more unique of the situation. Sets and studios, we feel, portray an essence of unnatural or contrived- in short, who wants a photo that looks staged like a school portrait? A small, intimate studio is available, however, for product photography and the odd specialized headshot.

    When you hire us we want you to enjoy the exerience of what is happening around you. We are a fun bunch, yet we know the sacred moments where less intrusion from us is better.

    Up at the altar…
    We’ll capture your parents’ tears of joy and your own heartfelt emotions without you noticing we are there!

    Time for formals?
    Let’s laugh, play, and work together with ideas to get some great moments! What makes the relationship between the bride and the maid of honour extra special? Any inside jokes?

    The possibilities are endless!


    What do you get out of

    We like to believe you get more memories out of your day. You are encouraged to enjoy your day and to be in the moment of which is YOURS. We want you to have faith in us (after all, as I see it, if you like what you saw of our work then why wouldn’t you love yours!) We want you to see us as friends who are approachable, fun and dedicated to making it a special day!

    Unlike many photographers out there we want you to not worry about hidden costs and hidden extras. All of our packages are in complete form. If you don’t see a package outlined that sounds right for you all you need to do is contact us and tell us what you are looking for. (We offer many kinds of services but you will never know unless you ask.) We try to show throughout our packages most of our services but even we cannot think of everything to list.

    Do we offer photo slideshows or thank you cards/images that you may want to give as gifts to the people involved in the wedding or event? Of course we do! We also cater to those of you who want the “no-fuss” packages. With most of the weddings we do, for example, brides and grooms-to-be just want a photography company who can capture all of the moments around them without having to worry about photo albums,slideshows, images etc. Many of you want your images beautified and saved onto CD or DVD so you may do with them what you please, when you please. You want to choose which images you want to print, in the size you want and as often as you want. Believe us, we understand completely!

    These images are your memories and you shouldn’t have to inquire about or seek out the photographer for what is rightfully yours. All we ask is the use of your images for promotion purposes- to let others who may be wanting a capable photography service see what can offer.

    On that note, what we offer is a relaxing and fun experience with some great natural looking shots! All of our images go through a post production editing phase to polish up the beauty that is already there in the shot! For emotional effect we do add a portion of artistically edited photographs. However, we thrive on knowing that our images are works of art in their own right and require minimal editing. We are proud to tell you that all of the images you see from whether it is on the internet, our website or in person is never extensively cropped or overly edited. We capture the beauty that is you, that is the event, and the emotions taking place and document them for you to enjoy a lifetime!

    If all of this has intrigued you in any way we welcome you to reach us and discuss the possibility of hiring us to capture your event. We are energized by every client we sign on and we look forward to perhaps working with you in the very near future.

    All the best- now and always!
    Alberta Photographer

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