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MI Photographer
Kenn Klein
544 Roby Beach
Coldwater, MI 49036
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    Skylight Photography

    Kenn Klein began his career in professional photography in 1982 as a Combat Cameraman in the U.S. Navy. During his Navy enlistment Kenn photographed President Reagan, Clint Eastwood, and many other famous people. He was the studio supervisor responsible for photographing important military events on the east & west coast of the United States. He was responsible for training and teaching his style of photography to over 200 photographers. During his service to his country he was awarded many honors and awards including

    "Military photographer of the Year" honors.

    Kenn was offered the White House staff photographer position, however he was also offered a position with the AP (Associated Press) and after 7 years of service, Kenn took his honorable discharge and went to work with the Associated Press.

    Kenn worked in Jacksonville, Fl for the Florida-Times Union and with the Associated Press(AP). His photojournalistic style covered a variety of events from the Daytona 500, the Gator and Orange Bowl to everyday human interest stories. Meeting people and telling their story helped develop Kenn's insightful approach with his photography

    A position opened in Chicago and Kenn took it to move closer to his family. Kenn began photographing the Cubs and the Bulls for the AP ...the Michael Jordan years..he even photographed the NBA world championship between the Bulls and the L.A. Lakers. He was closer to home, but had not made his "home".

    This is when he met his wife Julie...Kenn & Julie went to high school together, never dated each other in high school, but the relationship grew in Chicago.

    He proposed to Julie in left field at Wrigley Field. His thought was if he was going to get married he might as well start in left field and see how life went from there. Needless to say, behind every great man...there is a women rolling her eyes. Raising a family in Chicago was far from Kenn & Julie's childhood upbringing in Coldwater ...a small town.

    Chicago is beautiful, but a small town to raise a family and open a photography studio became the goal. They opened "Skylight Photography" in 1992 in Coldwater Michigan. The Studio was originally built in 1892 with "skylight" windows facing north. Thats how they came up with the name"SKYLIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY". It was a wonderful studio with many fantastic memories.

    After 10 years of operating a downtown studio, Kenn wanted a location that offered his customers BOTH indoors & outdoors opportunities at the same location. The Klein's built "The New Skylight Studio" from scratch. Skylight moved to the lake in 2002. Beautiful gardens, fountains, a rustic barn and even a victorian porch have been built, with your comfort in mind... creating a more "one-on-one" approach with his clients.

    Kenn enjoys going "On-Location" to photograph people where they need him. He still travels a large area to provide his photography to anyone who wants great photography. He enjoys working with schools to provide a more personal service.

    His hard working attitude and believing he is "only as good as his next photograph" philosophy keeps his energy primed producing images that go beyond "portraits" and tell more of a story about his subjects.

    He gives 100% credit of his award winning photography to God and his customers.

    He is active in his community as a Past President of Rotary International, Christian Management Association, and others.

    He has 3 wonderful kids, Alexis, Morgan & Colin

    Skylight Photography
    MI Photographer

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