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Joseph Gerges
P.O.Box 1822
Cairo, Gizeh 01123
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    Joseph Gerges Fine Art Photography

    From cityscapes to uncommon portraits; from the southern hemisphere to the northern; from the grand monuments of the ages to the subtle beauty of the prosaic, Joseph Gerges' photographs traverse continental boundaries to capture the architecture and faces of diverse cultures. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Joseph spent several years in Germany, where he began to teach himself the history, techniques and aesthetics of photography. Gerges' photographs are elegant and often breathtaking views of seaports and long shadows ducking through the archways of Egyptian mosques, of the pyramids of the desert and citadels illuminated by exquisite light. In black and white, warm sepia tones or stunning, firey shades of orange, Joseph creates his photographs as inkjet prints on archival quality art papers. A photographer of many skills, Joseph Gerges has worked as a color lab technician, an excavations photographer in Cairo, and a commercial photographer. He began working in digital media several years ago and has since dedicated himself exclusively to fine art photography. He has exhibited his work in Egypt, Germany, England and the U.S.
    Joseph Gerges Fine Art Photography
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