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Adams Photography | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Corporate Weddings Events
Paul Adams
198 Hirandale Cr
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2W6H2
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    Adam Photography Inc

    In 1998, Paul Adams followed his passion for photography by launching Adams Photography Services Inc. And has been gaining experience and industry notoriety ever since. After a couple years of operating his business Paul upgraded his already seasoned photography skills with diplomas in photography and digital imaging from NSCC. Shortly after, Paul Jr. followed suit with similar formal training when he received an Applied Communications Arts and Photography degree from NSCC. Together they make the perfect team, with Paul Sr. expertly behind the lens, and Paul Jr. adding artistic creativity and passion with his exceptional photofinishing work.

    To say Adams Photography is simply passionate about what they do would be an extreme understatement. With the desire to capture memorable moments as their driving force,  Adams Photography provides some of the best premier photography services available in Atlantic Canada. The magic behind their photography is the true love for people that comes through in every photo no matter what the setting; weddings, businesses, sporting/ social events and schools.

    Adams Photography’s main goal is to create high-end professional portraits that truly represent the people and places being photographed. When asked about the goal of his business Paul simply said, “We love it when our clients/customers are extremely content and satisfied with our top-notch service.” Adams Photography is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau of the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

    Adam Photography Inc
    Adams Photography | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Corporate Weddings Events

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